Do You Tip At A Med Spa in Houston?

Do You Tip At A Med Spa in Houston

Because we are a med spa, there is some misconception about the spa etiquette that is anticipated in such an environment. We provide standard day spa services, such as facials and more medical-like procedures. Let us know if you have any questions during your first visit. It is entirely up to you whether or not to tip your esthetician, as we mostly offer cosmetic treatments such as Botox. You can, however, follow a few suggestions.

Do You Leave a Tip at a Medical Spa?

Are you having a non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed on you, such as Juvederm or Botox? You are not required to tip unless you feel obligated to do so. Would you leave a gratuity in a doctor’s office? The response is usually no, which explains why you might not do the same with NUVO Cosmedispa. Our on-staff clinicians do not expect tips. Of course, no one is prohibiting you from expressing your gratitude, but tips are not required.

The only exception is for treatments that would ordinarily be obtained at a day spa. Consider the treatment you’re receiving and what it entails. If you get a facial, consider tipping the esthetician! This would be similar to getting a facial at a day spa or having your hair done. During these sorts of treatments, it is more common. However, again, it is totally up to you. 

We at NUVO Cosmedispa, our med spa, want you to enjoy your experience with us and not worry about the small stuff. If you feel obligated or moved to show your gratitude, that’s okay, but again, not needed. We are medical professionals here to help you get younger-looking skin with a healthy glow. Call 832-266-3004 today to find out more.

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