What to Ask During Your First Visit at a Med Spa in Houston?

What to Ask During Your First Visit at a Med Spa in Houston

The people of Houston love their culture, museums, theatre, and natural beauty. But what about an individual’s physical appearance? Can their natural beauty be enhanced? The answer is yes. Houston is home to some of the best Med Spas in America, including NUVO Cosmeispa. Our clinicians work diligently to significantly enhance someone’s visual appearance. We offer a variety of treatment plans to help those with various skin conditions. If you are looking to improve your appearance, you need to set up a consultation with us by calling 832-266-3004

What Are Med Spas?

Med spas generally offer two types of services to their clients. The first type of treatment is similar to traditional spa treatments. These include facials and massages. The second includes medical treatments. Over the years, at traditional spas, treatments have been provided by estheticians. But in medical spas, board-certified physicians, such as dermatologists, work with the patients in combination with estheticians. 

What Services Do Med Spas Offer?

Our med spa offers a wide range of services to suit our patients. We understand that not everyone shares the same skin problems. That’s why we need to have a consultation with you to allow us to come up with your very own personalized treatment plan. Some of the common services we provide in our med spa include:

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Micro-needling
  • Hydra-facial
  • Chemical Peels
  • Treatment of Facial Scars
  • Skin Rejuvenation

Our professionals at the spa will help you determine which treatment is best for your skin. We will review your skin problems to better understand what you expect from our services. This will allow us to customize treatment to suit your skin issues and type better. However, when choosing a med spa, you should always ask if they have the treatments you are looking for and what to expect out of it.

Who is Employed at the Medical Spa?

It’s critical to learn more about the people who work at the med spa in Houston and who will be administering your treatment. Another significant distinction between med and day spas is that a med spa must be linked with a medical expert.

That professional should ideally be a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. These types of physicians are aesthetic specialists. They understand which procedures or treatments to recommend to patients in order to assist them to reach their goals.

Typically you will encounter nurses, estheticians, physicians, and basic staff during your visit. Our staff is licensed and certified in a variety of different things to provide our patients with the very best care.

Don’t Forget to Enquire About the Cost

Experts believe people should prefer quality rather than quantity when it comes to healthcare. Every now and then, several cases are reported where people got their skin permanently damaged as they went to some unqualified doctor to save some money. A thorough market research of medical spa pricing needs to be conducted before selecting the spa for getting the treatment.

You should always ask what the cost of your treatment will be. You should also inquire about any additional treatments and if they are needed. Some treatments will need more than one visit. This is important to understand when you are determining if you can afford the treatment.

Read the Online Reviews

While this isn’t a question to ask the spa in Houston you are looking at working with, it is a very important step when choosing the right spa for you. Be sure that you take a minute to see what others have to say about their experience with that spa. Always check online to see if you can find any bad reviews and, if so if they are justified. Remember, not everyone will be pleased with their results. In fact, there are some people that will never be happy. Be sure you take that into consideration when looking at the reviews.  

Which Treatment is Best for You?

Every individual is different from another in terms of their skin goals, allergies, and previous medical conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important that the treatment is custom-tailored according to your body’s requirements. One must ask the doctor about the best course of treatment, how many sessions would be required, and how much time it would take to get the desired results.

You are your best advocate. Be sure that you are asking the right questions and understanding the treatment that is being suggested. We are always happy to answer any and all questions you might have.  

If you are looking to book your first med spa appointment, then give us a call at 832-266-3004.

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