What to Expect from Medical Spa in Houston?

What to Expect from Medical Spa in Houston

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Houston? Most people think about innovation, technology, and development. Why wouldn’t they? Houston is the home of Nasa’s Johnson Space Center, which is the whole world’s beacon to learning about life in outer space. But you would be amazed to know Space is not the only field in which Houston is leading the way. It is also home to some of the best-med spas in the country. NUVO Cosmedispa is one of them.  Our highly skilled physicians are renowned around the country for their expertise in the field.

What is a Medical Spa?

First off, you might be wondering what a med spa is. It is a combination of a day spa and an aesthetic medical center. The primary purpose of this is to enhance the appearance of an individual by treating their skin-related issues. Some of the common complaints with which people visit med spas include dryness of skin, redness, and increasing signs of old age. The treatments at a med spa are non-surgical. Some of the common treatments include micro-needling, hydra-facial, skin rejuvenation, and Botox. Thanks to Houston’s humidity you can expect most of the med spas in Houston are very good.

What to Expect From Medical Spa on Your First Visit?

You might be stressed about your first visit to the med spa, but don’t be.  Our highly trained staff will take care of you. During your visit to the med spa, you will be asked a series of questions and given some paperwork to fill out.  This will help us better understand what brings you in.  When you complete the paperwork, you will get a consultation with our staff to review the various treatment plans. Each person is unique, and we customize your plan to your needs.  We will discuss with you during this initial consultation all questions and concerns you might have. 

Some points which you might want to know before your first visit are mentioned below:

What kind of questions will be asked?

You might be wondering what kind of questions you would have to face at the med spa. Basically, they are general questions regarding your health.  What kind of skin products are being used, and what’s their frequency? You will be asked basic questions, too, such as date of birth, address, and phone number.  You should bring your beauty product with you so that we can better understand what ingredients you are using on a daily basis. 

How is the Ambiance?

The ambiance of our med spa is relaxing and soothing. We want our guests to feel comfortable.  This is supposed to be pampering.  When you first arrive, you will be greeted by one of our staff members and given your paperwork to fill out.  You will notice that the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

What about the Amenities?

When people hear about the word spa, they may expect saunas, pools, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms.  But, there is no such thing present in med spas. Furthermore, in some medical spas, there are no locker rooms to keep your valuable belongings.  Patients are required to change their clothes in the treatment rooms when necessary.  However, you will be presented with a robe when it is needed.  We want you to feel at home and comfortable during your treatments.

Most facials don’t require you to remove any clothing.  During those treatments, you will be asked to remove your glasses and lay back, and relax.  Should you have questions, our clinicians will be happy to help.  

Who Will be Treating You? 

This depends on the nature of the treatment, like chemical peels or light therapy done by the estheticians. Whereas for injections and fillers, you may have a physician doing the treatment. It will depend on the treatment and what we have going on that day.  Should you need information specifically about your treatment plan, you should ask during your initial consultation.  

NUVO Cosmedispa offers a wide selection of services to assist you with looking your very best, including neurotoxins, skin rejuvenation, dermal fillers, and other injectables. Our technicians are licensed and trained to help you with the different services to give you that healthy glow. If you are in Houston and looking for the best-med spa in the area, you have found the right place. Give us a call at 832-266-3004.  Our team of experts is waiting to hear from you. Don’t delay. You are not getting any younger!  We can help you look and feel younger in as little as one visit.  Call now.

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